Hydrafacial/ Hydrodermabrasion/ Hydrofacial to improve your skin in Winter

When it comes to healthy-looking skin, moisture is one of the most important factors. Your skin is made up of three layers that each play a distinct role in maintaining skin health and protecting your internal organs from germs and toxic substances. Though the health of each layer of your skin affects your look, the outer portion — the epidermis — is the layer of skin that holds all the moisture. In the winter, moisture loss from your epidermis is caused by the cold temperatures, low humidity, and dry indoor air increases, and it turn which makes your skin dry, flaky, and sensitive. 

Every month, your epidermis naturally rids itself of old skin cells and replaces them with healthy, young skin cells. As you get older, this process slows down, making your skin more vulnerable to the drying effects of winter weather.  We encourage estheticians to regular use of moisturizers during the winter to protect your skin from the moisture zapping elements, and the unfortunate consequences. But adding a Hydrodermabrasion to your skincare routine may enhance the look and health of your wintertime skin.

HydraFacial/ Hydrodermabrasion Wintertime protocol

The HydraFacial/ Hydrodermabrasion is an innovative skin treatment that uses advanced technology to cleanse, hydrate, and protect your skin to restore its naturally fresh glow.

Step 1: Cleanse and peel (OXY Cleanse Serum)

For your wintertime HydraFacial treatment, first use the tool to cleanse and exfoliate your skin using OXY Cleanse serums. This process removes the dead skin cells from the surface layer, revealing the younger, healthier cells underneath. 

Step 2: Extract and hydrate (OXY Salicylic Serums with Moisturizer)

After exfoliation your skin using OXY Salicylic Serum, extract the impurities and debris from your pores and infuse moisturizing agents (OXY Hyaluronic Acid) into your skin. 

Step 3: Fuse and protect (OXY Antiox and OXY Peptide)

During the final portion of your HydraFacial, permeate your skin using OXY Antiox or OXY Peptide – with a combination of nutrients to protect it from the winter weather and enhance the effects of the facial.

Happy time for skin in Winter

HydraFacial/ Hydrodermabrasion is so gentle and effective, you can repeat the beauty treatment every week. In addition to keeping your skin fresh and clean, OxySerums will help:

  • Tighten your skin
  • Shrink large pores
  • Lighten dark spots (OXY Skinbright)
  • Clear away summertime sun damage
  • Minimize lines and wrinkles
  • Improve tone and texture

OxySerums recommends using Ultimate Skin Refiner hydrodermabrasion as tools for skincare routine by professional estheticians.


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