Some Common Questions Answered Below are the list of frequently asked questions about our serums.

We are located in Houston, Texas USA.

Serums formulation is in accordance to American FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and they are all Made in USA.

Yes. It is normal for certain products, mainly exfoliators, to cause some redness or flakiness. This will usually go away after your skin acclimates to the product. If it persists, however, you should discontinue use and consult your skincare professional.
You could see immediate results or cumulative results within days or weeks. Every client is different.
Peptides are molecules made up of two or more amino acids (but less than 50) that are linked together by the same peptide bonds. They are present in every living cell and are responsible for certain biochemical activities. The two most widely used types of peptides in skin care are neuropeptides and collagen triggering peptides. Over time, facial movements and squinting are repeated for so long that furrows form. And as we get older our collagen production and elastin decreases resulting in rough, wrinkled and sagging skin. When applied topically, the purpose of these peptides are to send signals to the skin cells to either relax nerves that cause facial contractions and/or to produce collagen. The result is smoother firmer more youthful looking skin.
No we do not perform testing on animals.
Yes, we can help working with regulatory bodies worldwide. In addition, we can help coordinate the necessary documents such as Certificates of Free Sale for the products you want to export to your country.
Creating an account on our website gives you access to your account order history. The only information required is your name, e-mail address, country, and ZIP/postal code. With your approval, we occasionally will send e-mail to notify you about important changes to the site, new services, and special offers from us. If you would rather not receive these e-mail notifications, you can simply indicate that preference either when you register or at any time you modify your account.
Please refer our Policy for return and exchange

OxySerums is based on a pharmaceutical grade water, which is the largest composition of our serums. Our serums are more advanced and have produces amazing hydro facial results. Moreover, we manage our expenses to be lower being a small company with strong hold on the formulation and development of serums.

OxySerums are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulation. A Lab certified chemists developed the formulations as well as tested products to meet cGMP standards. The labels and ingredient list is also regulated by the FDA. (Reference: FDA Cosmetics Labeling Regulations )

We can provide you a copy of our MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet of our serums. We also do have Product Specific FDA Cosmetic Export Certificates for OxySerums.

Existing Hydrafacial bottle cap can be separated easily and can be placed over OxySerums bottles for easy connection with Hydrafacial Machine Tower.

Please refer instruction click here.

Yes, we accept all the major Debit or Credit cards for payments via Stripe payment gateway. 

The primary difference between toners and serums is that toners cleanse and balance your skin’s pH levels, while serums do the same but in greater concentration. These two products have a similar appearance to water, but serums have a thicker consistency.

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