Universal Hydrodermabrasion Serums

Brenda Gilbert Ultimate Skin Refiner

As a spa owner, Esthetician, and designer of the Ultimate Skin Refiner, I highly recommend OxySerums.

OxySerums combines today’s technology within the skincare industry with powerful ingredients guaranteeing beautiful results when used with the Ultimate Skin Refiner.

Licensed Esthetician in NH since 2008 and Spa Owner since 2010.  Brenda has completed education in both Cosmetology and Esthetics.  Brenda has worked in Dermatology and Medical Spas and is currently a solo Esthetician designing machines for Estheticians. Brenda has many certificates in advanced treatments and has numerous awards both as an Esthetician and a Spa owner. 

Cathryn Willams MA, AE-CLT Owner - Swank Aesthetics

After trying many hydro serums on the market, we are happy to have found Oxyserums for our HYDRO•PRO machine offered at Swank Aesthetics. The quality of products and ingredients compliment our goals of delivering the best products, equipment and service to our customers. The easy-to-follow protocols are helpful to deliver the best glowing skin for your client. We personally use and recommend OxySerums as our favorite hydro product.

After 30 years as an Aesthetician, and 15 years in the Medical Spa Industry, Cathryn excelled in building Med Spa programs and implementing quality equipment within these programs. Becoming certified in the trademark HydraFacial over 8 years ago, she saw the need and value of a quality HydroFacial. 
Swank Aesthetics was created to give affordable, quality choices in the HydroFacial industry, and part of that success is having the best serums for our professionals. 
Kim Laudati

Kim is a licensed NYS medical Esthetician, certified NYS phlebotomist and certified NYS Esthetic Teacher. She is the founder and President of IT Intelligent Treatment®, a medical esthetic clinic that specializes in the latest advances in antiaging and wellness. She is also the creator and President of SomaCell™, an industry-disrupting new technology and proprietary protocol in the field of “non-surgical facelifting.” She has a long history of successfully training students via private Advanced Clinical Esthetic workshops, at Atelier Esthetique Institute of esthetics and created the program for and acted as the Medical Esthetic Program Director for the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences before stepping away to concentrate on her own businesses. Kim has been instrumental in many OxySerum testing phases. She only uses OxySerum solutions within her practice and during private certified trainings. Kim’s patients and students patients rave about their results. She herself quotes her “obsession with the value-added, results driving solutions. I will never use or recommend anything else!”

Been a minute but wanted to reach out to all of you fabulous therapists that have taken my classes in the past.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oxyserums and so do all of my patients! They have been painstakingly developed and tested to be as efficacious as that well known “Hydra” brand. I have tried a number of other hydrofacial solutions, including, of course, the well known “Hydra” ones, and Oxyserums truly is worthy of your attention.
Why do my patients and I love Oxyserums?

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