The Ultimate Skin Refiner is a multi-functional device, designed with the solo esthetician in mind. It is easy to use and costs little per treatment.

The Ultimate Skin Refiner is equipped with the four step serum facial treatment, an oxygen/serum spray, an ultrasonic skin scrubber, and three piece lymphatic drainage for body and face.

“We highly recommend Oxyserums to all skin care professionals seeking the best ingredients for their clients. From the ingredient deck to the customer service AND great prices, we believe Oxyserums should be the first choice for use in the treatment room. Users of the Ultimate Skin Refiner agree that Oxyserums have increased client satisfaction and retention.”
Brenda Gilbert The Ultimate Skin Refiner

The owner of the Ultimate Skin Refiner, Brenda Gilbert has verified and validated OxySerums on her own and has collected data from her clients and customers before providing her detailed testimony.

Video Testimony of using Oxyserums on USR


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