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OxySerums LLC

OxySerums are the premium serums for microdermabrasion/ hydrodermabrasion skin care treatments. These serums are universal in nature.

Used in Hydrafacial TM, ZEMITS Marcel TM HydroDermabrasion System, Aqua Skin Facial TM , Ultimate Skin Refiner TM, and for all the devices that can use skin serum delivery systems for facial treatments.

Our brand OxySerums are developed and manufacturer in USA. Our manufacturing facility is a FDA registered and inspected, and approved for cosmetic General Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) under the Code of Federal US Regulation.

OxySerums works excellent on hydro facial devices and brands manufactured in USA, European countries, Korea, and China.

Our Products

Benefits of OxySerums for Hydrodermabrasion

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Immediate Results
Works on all skin type
Effective and Pain free Procedure

Our Products

Why shop with OxySerums LLC ?

Cleansing And Hydration

Oxy Cleanse will work on deep cleansing by loosening dirt and skin debris with a gentle acid that leaves no irritation.


Oxy Salicylic will effectively exfoliates away that dry, dead layer of skin at the surface, instantly taking your skin from dull to glowing.


Oxy Peptide (Anti-Aging) serums promotes a brighter, more even complexion, nixing fine lines and keeping skin looking fresh.


Oxy Antiox serum benefits the skin by protecting it from environmental damage and stress.

Comparison of OxySerums Vs Others

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